The Adoption Network Law Canter Scholarship

The Adoption Network Law Center Scholarship Program awards scholarships to Birth Parents and/or adopted children who are interested in pursuing higher education. Adoption Network Law Center awards up to $10,000 in scholarships annually.* *Amounts and recipients are determined at the discretion of Adoption Network Law Center. Scholarships will be made payable directly to the school on behalf of the student.

Scholarship Eligibility:
-Applicant must be a Birth Parent or an Adopted Child
-Applicant must have been accepted to or must be currently enrolled in college, university, vocational, technical or trade school.

Scholarship Details:
-Complete Online Application
-Upload Video (2 minute minimum) demonstrating or explaining how adoption has made an impact on your life.
-Videos can be edgy, funny, bold, simple, serious – or anything in between.
-All videos must be available for viewing on the internet (YouTube or Vimeo preferred) and have a public link to them.